cropped-untitled.pngThis is me. It’s quite simple really. I am a woman who loves with my entire being, feels things deep in my soul, and offers a great sense of appreciation to those around me. I love to laugh. I love flowers, hummingbirds, warm breezes and shopping (of course). I just LOVE. And sadly, along my journey as a wife, that love was taken for granted in the worst way. Although I lived this terrible nightmare, I refuse to let it define me. Instead, I choose to let it shape me into a stronger, more confident, and yes, even more loving women, than ever before.

On a weekly basis I meet at least one person who has a similar story; thus leading me to believe this is more of an epidemic than I could have ever realized. And each story saddens and sickens me.

As a society, we commonly talk about topics like infertility, birth, breastfeeding, miscarriages, but seemingly infidelity is too uncomfortable. However, this topic shouldn’t be off limits and it must be exposed. These actions are NOT ok and shouldn’t be protected. Ultimately, I decided not to protect the people that chose to behave so terribly. I knew I had to share this experience. What I write is honest. It’s my reality. I’m not afraid to talk about it.

I have been asked many questions, like: How did you find out?, Do you still believe in marriage?, How did you go on with your life?, How did you face work each day (especially since they both worked at the same place as me, BUT I never missed a day)?, Why didn’t you stay with him?, Why did you resort to divorce?, and the list goes on.

I’m no expert but through my own experience and soul searching, many honest and kind people, and hours of research, I have decided to launch this blog.  It is my hope that as my life changes direction and my self-empowerment is realized, I can help someone else who is in a compromising situation, or even questioning the darkness in their life, whatever that may be.

Thank you for being YOU!





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