Anchors Away: Findings New Meanings and Symbols

AnchorI’ve always been one to search for a “sign” to open my eyes to the meaning of a situation or gain better perspective. Sometimes those signs are visible, sometimes they are silent. Other times they are in the form of a symbol that casts new definition in my life. My newest obsession and symbolism is the anchor.

Anchors are heavy and come in various shapes and sizes. An “anchor” in life can keep one stuck – stuck in a rut, stuck in the past – and hold us down. If viewed differently, a solid, carefully chosen anchor will keep you grounded, and therefore less likely to drift. Look closely at the design. An anchor has two flanks – much like a relationship has two partners. Those two have joined together to keep one another from drifting, to be strong for one another, to weather a storm or any turbulent condition, to be there for one another NO MATTER WHAT.

Nothing tethers me to the past. I’m grounded in the present and future. And loving every moment I see an anchor!  anchor 2


P.S.  It’s been a while since I posted. Life gets crazy. Life gets good crazy. Soon I will change the name and address of this blog. Stay tuned.







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